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Mirona Food is a foodstuff trade company whose main activity is to wholesale and export food stuff products. 

 The company purchases its foodstuff supplies either directly from the  manufacturer or from the manufacturer official appointed distributor. From a truly worldwide perspective, we source products in the main  production areas of Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Asia.   Our main product groups are Cereals (rice, beans, pasta, corn,  corn-flour, flour, oats, lentils etc), Vegetable Oils, Legumes, Dairy,  Frozen Seafood, Canned Food and canned foods. 

 As a food trading company Omiro purchases foodstuff products worldwide and distributes these to countries in Latin America.  Our strong relationship with both our suppliers and clients enables us to deliver the basic food items on a consistent basis.                                   


Our Vision

Mirona Food FZE goal is to source quality food products at fair prices  from reliable suppliers with state of the art facilities to ensure a  product of the highest quality, delivered on time and an overall  satisfactory customer experience. Building equally beneficial and long  term relationships with our customers, Partners and Suppliers.  Passion for the food industry, continuously moving forward, pursuing new  business opportunities through Innovation and venturing into new  markets.  
Integrity: Open, honest ethical and fair business practices  

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